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17-March-2002: Alpha 3 Very Soon
Alpha 3 will be released much later as expected
* Today I'll try to get some more time to work on Alpha3.
   I hope to get some docs and more examples ready soon as well.
   You'll also find the ToDo list on the main-Toolbar.
* WebSite changed to fit better in 800x600 screensize
* The WebSite will also be changed to php this month.

1000+ hits on the release-day of Alpha 2b, downloads 110 ...
06-March-2002: Alpha 2B released (temp. version)
Ålpha 2b out, Alpha 3 next week, sorry for the delay...
* Today I release Alpha 2b, which is just a bug-fix version for Alpha2.
   This should compile better at least, and has some minor fixes. Alpha 3 is now scheduled for 2nd week in March. I'm lacking time at the moment to really put effort in it. But I hope to have some more time in a few days.

500+ hits on the website after 6 hours of releasing Alpha2b, I'm shocked...
19-Feb-2002: More GOOD news
New Developer, source in CVS, Postgres DB connection...
* First of all I want to welcome Frank Bennett as a new developer !!!
   He will focus on getting a Postgres Database connection to GreatCharts.
* The local source is now available in CVS !!!
* More "other-links" are added to the website
* Some more bugs are found that will make it difficult to compile/run, fixes will be in the Alpha 3 release.
==> You'll have to get the following TTF file in this path for Alpha2:

15-Feb-2002: Good and Bad news...
Alpha3 Release scheduled for end Feb 2002
* I've made some changes in my local CVS which will help building the package with TTF support. It now uses autoconf, so run: ./configure;make;make install should be enough.
* Furthermore it now supports the libstocks (v0.5.0 by Eric Laeuffer). This tool can download Stock data (history) from Yahoo's! financial site. Get this great tool at
* More good news: We are now also listed on :-)
* The bad news is: the bz2 version of Alpha2 is corrupt. Please get the gz version.
*More bad news, the statistics counter on Sourceforge does not work. So I have no idea how many downloads we had... :-(
* I'll be out of Malaysia for the next few days, that's why the alpha3 takes a bit longer
11-Feb-2002: News, Alpha2 Released !!!
Alpha2 Release
Today I released Alpha2 of GreatCharts. After I figured out that Alpha1 did not have a license in the package. For the moment I hope that someone can get this up and running :-)
In a few days I'll come up with Alpha3, which will probably have more examples, and some docs. I'll also have a look at the reading of the config-file. If there are errors in there it will just segfault at the moment.

08-Jan-2002: News, early alpha soon
Alpha Downloadable soon
After a lot of request I decided to pack the stuff and come up with a pre-alpha release.
Things are far from working, but since I did not touch the code for about 2 1/2 months I think it is time to just release it.

04-Nov-2001: New Updated WebSite
New look website
As you can see the layout has changed a bit since I first started. This will probably be the final idea for the website for some time. Enough time is spent to get this to a professional-looking site. It's time to get ready for the first release.

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